At VG Energy we offer a range of tailored renewable energy technologies to suit your business needs. Our solutions enable you to reduce your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint and generate an additional income stream.

Biomass CHP

Biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - A self-funding, fully maintained unit producing sustainable electricity and heat to benefit your business.

This Biomass CHP unit uses wood pellets to produce a consistent load of electricity and heat. The unit is easily connected in to existing electricity and heating systems to be consumed on site. This allows for reducing running costs as electricity and heating bills can be significantly offset, or eliminated all-together. Any electricity not used on site is exported to the grid is fed back to the grid and remunerated at a wholesale rate.


Case Studies

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Why VG Energy?

  • Longevity - Established in 2008
  • Highly skilled – Over 100 full time, experienced employees
  • Established - 3 UK offices, on call 24/7 servicing team
  • Innovative - Leaders in the field with innovative renewable technology
  • Experienced - Largest UK Installer of Biomass Heating Systems
  • Experienced - Unrivalled selection of wind turbines & solar PV
  • Quality – Only supply quality components built to last
  • Technical – In house, full time, Heating Engineers, Ofgem Accreditation administrators and Environmental Planners
  • Dedicated – Complete service and maintenance aftercare

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