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The drive to deliver a low carbon economy is gaining momentum with ambitious targets being set by government regulators north and south of the border. We'll help ensure your business has the right strategy in place to cut it's carbon footprint, meet's regulatory criterai and delivers a 'green' supply chain business.

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The Carbon Price Floor (CPF) or Carbon Tax requires industries to pay a certain amount for every tonne of CO2 that they emit, on top of the price they pay through the EU emissions trading scheme.

The charge has played a big part in driving coal out of the UK’s energy system but also has a major impact on energy-intensive industries with the potential to increase their energy costs.

We support our clients by taking a proactive approach on the implications of the Carbon Tax, ensuring that the businesses we work with are fully informed on how to remain compliant with the relevant legislation and remain aware of any potential tax implications which might affect them.

Both the Scottish and UK governments are keen to work with industry to further boost the use of renewable technologies.

The Scottish Government has outlined plans to meet 50% of Scotland's heat, transport and electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2030 and is targeting a cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 66 per cent by 2032.

We have the expertise, insight and industry knowledge to guide your carbon strategy, leaving you free to concentrate on achieving your business goals.



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  • RECC
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