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Keeping up to date with key regulations is essential for any business installing renewable technology. We'll guide you throughout all the key industry and technology developments and ensure your system meets all the relevant eligibility criteria set out by our industry bodies.

Expore our regulatory advice support below.

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Meeting energy demand with an affordable and sustainable supply is a key issue for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

And with a UK Government target of 15% of all energy coming from renewable technologies by 2020, the drive to reduce fossil fuel reliance, cut carbon emissions and operate more efficiently has real impetus.

But for many businesses, navigating the ever-changing legislation affecting the energy market can be a major challenge.

Our track record of supporting enterprises with their energy strategy means we’re ideally placed to offer the best guidance on tackling your supply and demand issues and complying with all the relevant industry legislation.

Our impartial advice on all the main regulatory issues will be invaluable as you formulate and implement your energy management strategy and take vital business decisions on capital expenditure.

And our expertise across biomass, wind, solar and CHP enables us to deliver the support and guidance you need to ensure your chosen technology meets compliance and eligibility criteria for initiatives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the Biomass Suppliers List or the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme.