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We're specialists in renewables technology. Whether its biomass, wind, solar or CHP, we have the experience to identify the ideal solution for your business and support through each phase of its deployment.

Our extensive relationships with manufacturers, our technology matching and sector experience, makes VG Energy ideally placed to deliver the renewable energy products and infrastructure to match your requirements.

Learn more about each of our renewable energy technolgies below.




We’ve built our reputation as the UK’s market leader in delivering multiple renewable technology products and services to clients.

Acting as the trusted energy partner of businesses in a range of industries, we offer support across biomass, CHP, wind turbines, solar, and heat pumps. Our team have the expertise to identify which technology is right for your organisation, helping you meet your energy targets and your business objectives.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the breadth of our experience across renewables and our ability to assess your options objectively and offer fully independent guidance on which  technology will best meet your needs.




Deploying renewable heat energy to supply the power which businesses need has become an increasingly popular option across a wide range of industry sectors who
want to reap the benefits of a more secure, cost-effective supply and access to new income streams.

Our lengthy track record of successful installation across biomass and CHP technologies means we are the ideal partner to source and implement
the best heat-based solution for your needs.




Having installed your renewables asset, you’ll need peace of mind that it will deliver the energy you need, when you need it.

As part of our full turnkey solution, we ensure our customers have access to the highest quality grade 'A' recycled fuel, keeping your system operating at the peak of its powers. VG Energy fuel services take into account your system and heat requirements and our speed of response matches your needs.