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While the renewables market has matured, the downturn in sections of the industry and subsequent loss of suppliers for clients means that many organisations with renewables systems do not have access to reactive servicing or repairs.

VG Energy can help. With a dedicated servicing and repairs division of all renewable energy technlogies, we can ensure your system is working and is performing to continue to provide you with a healthy system.

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With some systems now showing their age and in need of repair, a major concern for many businesses and system owners can be knowing who to turn to for maintenance support when their original supplier is unavailable, or worse, out of business.

Our reactive servicing model and packages guarantee you a priority response and ensures you will have access to experienced engineers with the technical knowledge to get your system quickly performing at its best.

We are not only a trusted servicing and repair support for end user clients, but many system manufacturers turn to VG Energy for our experience and speed of response for their direct systems.

And our servicing support will give you confidence that your technology qualifies for all relevant Government payments.