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We’ve built our reputation as the UK’s market leader in delivering multiple renewable technology products and services to clients.

Acting as the trusted energy partner of businesses in a range of industries, we offer support across biomass, CHP, wind turbines, solar, and heat pumps. Our team have the expertise to identify which technology is right for your organisation, helping you meet your energy targets and your business objectives.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the breadth of our experience across renewables and our ability to assess your options objectively and offer fully independent guidance on which  technology will best meet your needs.

Expore our electrical products below.



We have a long track record of supporting clients across the UK with installation and maintenance of wind turbines.

Our partnerships with leading turbine manufacturers allow us to offer you the ideal solution to match both your site and your energy ambitions. And our industry leading servicing and maintenance teams ensure that you can be guaranteed optimum performance levels from your turbine throughout its lifespan, increasing your efficiency and cutting your energy costs.


Generating cheap, green electricity from sunlight is an increasingly popular, low-maintenance option for many businesses.
If you are heavily dependent on electricity to power your operations, solar has strong potential to offer you a bright future.

Producing all your electricity on site via a low-maintenance solar solution can reduce and fix your costs and, with any electricity not used being exported back to the National Grid, you’ll be remunerated at a wholesale rate. We’ve handled major solar installation programmes across a range of industries including agriculture, the hotel and leisure industry and automotive.

Large office buildings or warehouses are ideal for solar as panels can be installed on the roof with minimal disturbance to your business.



  • BESA
  • CHAS
  • Gas Safe
  • MCS
  • RECC
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001