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Aquaculture is now a major global business sector, with output tripling over the past 20 years, positioning it as the world’s fastest-growing food producing industry.

Estimates put production at more than 75 million tons each year with fish farming providing the world’s population with a high percentage of its animal protein. For UK farmers, the focus is on increasing their sustainability while, at the same time, ensuring that a truly energy efficient operation ensures their business as competitive as possible.

Explore how VG Energy are supporting this growing industries energy requirements below.



The aquaculture sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy, providing valuable employment and income to rural and coastal communities throughout the country. But the need for operators such as fish farmers to maintain year round production means energy use can be intensive and a major cost to businesses working in a highly competitive sector.

Driving sustainable growth is a key priority for our customers as is lowering production costs, extending the growing season, cutting the growing cycle and increasing the variety of species being reared.

Maintaining the optimum conditions to achieve these objectives can be costly due to over reliance on fossil fuels.

Onsite renewable energy products and strategy offers new hope to many operating within the aquaculture sector and even with some of the sector challenges, VG Energy aquaculture clients are thriving.

We have lengthy experience of working with operators to help them cut their energy costs and implement a more efficient energy management system, with a firm focus on reducing energy costs now, as well as being able to control costs for the future.

Address your energy source and deliver business sustainability and competitiveness by contacting our energy advisers.



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