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For many horticultural businesses, energy costs may be only a small percentage of turnover, but, in a highly competitive marketplace, taking action to reduce them can have a direct impact on profits.

Support from our specialist team can identify renewable options which will not only improve the production cycle but, by enhancing your green credentials, help to win you more business.

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For horticultural businesses, energy use in areas such as refrigeration, lighting, ventilation and heating can lead to significant consumption.

As with the wider farming community, sustainability is a key target as competitive pressures increase, both at home and abroad. And with a significant increase in the number of extreme weather events occurring,  there are a number of cost challenges facing the sector. A more energy efficient approach can not only increase profitability it can also deliver other benefits such as an improved environment in production facilities, enhanced crop quality and increased eligibility for crop assurance schemes.

In addition, many customers now expect farmers and growers to demonstrate their green credentials, meaning that being energy efficient can enhance your business bottom line.

For plant producers and fruit growers, the need to carefully control greenhouse environments and other systems can prove costly. For example, according to the Carbon Trust, heating typically accounts for 90% of the energy used in greenhouses.

Our expert guidance on how renewable technology can enhance energy efficiency leads to a wide range of other benefits for growers including an extended growing season, an increased variety of produce and improved yield. Garden centre operators also incur major energy usage, with electricity and gas needed for pumping water, specialist lighting and heating and retail use.

As their trusted energy partner, we work closely with our clients in the sector to help them implement a more sustainable approach to their energy consumption which offers them real potential for major cost savings.

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